How Affiliate Marketing Works

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Why Performance Marketing?

Performance Marketing is unlike other forms of traditional advertising where fees are paid upfront and do not depend upon shared success. In performance-based marketing, you only pay for successful transactions. If your company is selling products or services through traditional online channels and you aren’t doing any performance marketing, let’s chat as we typically add 5%-10% to your yearly topline revenue.

We get it. You have limited budgets and may not know the most effective way to advertise your product. With a performance-based ad plan, you avoid the risk of paying large amounts for advertisements or SEO traffic that does not deliver. You only pay for sales results.

What is Performance Marketing?

Performance Marketing is a win-win marketing opportunity for a retailer or “merchant” and affiliate or “publisher” that allows both parties to truly work together in an easy and high ROI way.
By paying the affiliate or publisher only when a specific action is completed, a merchant can feel confident that their money is being well spent since they are paying upon a conversion from their audience.

How does it Work?

Affiliate marketing is a well-established form of performance marketing. According to a recent report on the state of affiliate marketing from Business Insider:

  • Affiliate marketing is growing and accounts for approximately 15% of all digital media revenue.
  • Affiliate marketing drives as many e-commerce orders in the U.S. as email.

Your product shows up via:

  • Native advertising
  • Display advertising
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Search engine marketing
  • Email marketing

The great benefit of this type of marketing is that you don’t pay for all the brand impressions that are run on your behalf. You only pay based upon a click to your website that results in a qualified sale. For example, it takes 15 ad impressions to convert a new buyer to your product you get the benefit of those impressions but only pay for the ones that convert.

Where do consumers see these ads?

We work with 200+ premium brands and have built a premium network of sites that is representative of where their customers spend their time from doing product research to looking for a deal.